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Chandler-Wilde, S. N. and Hewett, David Peter (2013) Acoustic scattering by fractal screens: mathematical formulations and wavenumber-explicit continuity and coercivity estimates. Technical Report. to be decided. (Unpublished)

Hewett, David Peter and Langdon, S. and Chandler-Wilde, S. N. (2013) A frequency-independent boundary element method for scattering by two-dimensional screens and apertures. Technical Report. IMAJNA. (Submitted)

Rhebergen, Sander (2013) Well-balanced $r$-adaptive and moving mesh space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Takacs, Stefan (2013) Efficient smoothers for all-at-once multigrid methods for Poisson and Stokes control problems. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Cartis, Coralia and Thompson, Andrew (2013) A new and improved quantitative recovery analysis for iterative hard thresholding algorithms in compressed sensing. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Pestana, Jennifer and Wathen, A. J. (2013) Natural preconditioners for saddle point systems. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Pearson, John W. (2013) On the role of commutator arguments in the development of parameter-robust preconditioners for Stokes control problems. Technical Report. ETNA. (Submitted)

Pearson, John W. (2013) Preconditioned iterative methods for Navier-Stokes control problems. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Pestana, Jennifer and Wathen, A. J. (2013) The antitriangular factorisation of saddle point matrices. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Trefethen, Lloyd N. and Weideman, J. A. C. (2013) The exponentially convergent trapezoidal rule. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Hale, Nicholas and Townsend, Alex (2013) A fast, simple, and stable Chebyshev-Legendre transform using an asymptotic formula. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Javed, Mohsin and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2013) A trapezoidal rule error bound unifying the Euler–Maclaurin formula and geometric convergence for periodic functions. Technical Report. Proceedings of the Royal Society A. (Submitted)

Smears, Iain (2013) Nonoverlapping domain decomposition preconditioners for discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods in $H^2$-type norms. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Austin, Anthony P. and Kravanja, Peter and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2013) Numerical algorithms based on analytic function values at roots of unity. Technical Report. SINUM. (Submitted)

Guettel, Stefan and Klein, Georges (2013) Efficient high-order rational integration and deferred correction with equispaced data. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Takacs, Stefan (2013) A robust all-at-once multigrid method for the Stokes control problem. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Nakatsukasa, Yuji and Noferini, Vanni and Townsend, Alex (2013) Computing the common zeros of two bivariate functions via Bezout resultants. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Bosch, Jessica and Kay, David and Stoll, Martin and Wathen, A. J. (2013) Fast Solvers for Cahn-Hilliard Inpainting. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Wathen, A. J. and Zhu, Shengxin (2013) On the spectral distribution of kernel matrices related to radial basis functions. Technical Report. Oxford preprint. (Submitted)

Hauser, Raphael (2013) The S-Procedure via dual cone calculus. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Takacs, Stefan (2013) A robust multigrid method for the time-dependent Stokes problem. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Hauser, Raphael and Matzinger, Heinrich (2013) Letter Change Bias and Local Uniqueness in Optimal Sequence Alignments. Technical Report. Unspecified.

Hauser, Raphael and Krishnamurthy, Vijay and Tütüncü, Reha (2013) Relative Robust Portfolio Optimization. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Blanchard, Jeffrey D. and Tanner, Jared (2013) Performance Comparisons of Greedy Algorithms in Compressed Sensing. Technical Report. Wiley. (Submitted)

Birkisson, Asgeir and Driscoll, Tobin A. (2013) Automatic linearity detection. Technical Report. SICS. (Submitted)

Smears, Iain and Suli, Endre (2013) Discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximation of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations with Cordès coefficients. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Townsend, Alex and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2013) Gaussian elimination as an iterative algorithm. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Townsend, Alex and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2013) An extension of Chebfun to two dimensions. Technical Report. SISC. (Submitted)

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