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Congreve, Scott and Houston, Paul and Suli, Endre and Wihler, Thomas P. (2011) Discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximation of quasilinear elliptic boundary value problems II: Strongly monotone quasi-Newtonian flows. Technical Report. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis. (Submitted)

Kreuzer, Christian (2011) Reliable and efficient a posteriori error estimates for finite element approximations of the parabolic p-Laplacian. Technical Report. Springer. (Submitted)

Schwab, Christoph and Suli, Endre (2011) Adaptive Galerkin approximation algorithms for partial differential equations in infinite dimensions. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Makridakis, Charalambos and Suli, Endre (2011) Finite element analysis of Cauchy-Born approximations to atomistic models. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Pestana, Jennifer and Wathen, A. J. (2011) Combination preconditioning of saddle point systems for positive definiteness. Technical Report. Numer. Linear Algebra Appl.. (Submitted)

Pearson, John W. and Wathen, A. J. (2011) Fast iterative solvers for convection-diffusion control problems. Technical Report. ETNA. (Submitted)

Gonnet, Pedro and Guettel, Stefan and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2011) Robust Padé approximation via SVD. Technical Report. SIAM review. (Submitted)

Pearson, John W. and Stoll, Martin and Wathen, A. J. (2011) Regularization-robust preconditioners for time-dependent PDE constrained optimization problems. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Gonnet, Pedro (2011) A Short Note on the Fast Evaluation of Dihedral Angle
Potentials and their Derivatives.
Technical Report. Journal of Computational Physics. (Submitted)

Webb, Marcus and Trefethen, Lloyd N. and Gonnet, Pedro (2011) Stability of barycentric interpolation formulas. Technical Report. SISC J. Sci. Comp. (Submitted)

Trogdon, Thomas and Olver, Sheehan and Deconinck, Bernard (2011) Numerical inverse scattering for the Korteweg–-de Vries and modified Korteweg–-de Vries equations. Technical Report. Physica D. (Submitted)

Burrage, K. and Hale, Nicholas and Kay, David (2011) An efficient implementation of an implicit FEM scheme for fractional-in-space reaction-diffusion equations. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Reisinger, Christoph and Giles, M. B. (2011) Stochastic finite differences and multilevel Monte Carlo for a class of SPDEs in finance. Working Paper. N/A. (Submitted)

Pearson, John W. (2011) A Radial Basis Function Method for Solving PDE Constrained Optimization Problems. Technical Report. Springer. (Submitted)

Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2011) Six myths of polynomial interpolation and quadrature. Technical Report. Mathematics Today. (Submitted)

Pestana, Jennifer and Wathen, A. J. (2011) On choice of preconditioner for minimum residual methods for nonsymmetric matrices. Technical Report. SIMAX. (Submitted)

Eisentraeger, Almut and Sobey, Ian and Czosnyka, Marek (2011) Parameter estimations for cerebrospinal fluid infusion test. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)

Barrett, John W. and Suli, Endre (2011) Finite element approximation of finitely extensible nonlinear elastic dumbbell models for dilute polymers. Technical Report. EDP Sciences, SMAI. (Submitted)

Figueroa, Leonardo and Suli, Endre (2011) Greedy approximation of high-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators with unbounded drift. Technical Report. Foundations of Computational Mathematics. (Submitted)

Richardson, Mark and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2011) A sinc function analogue of chebfun. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)

Giles, M. B. and Burgos, Sylvestre (2011) Computing Greeks using multilevel path simulation. Technical Report. .. (Unpublished)

Gonnet, Pedro and Pachon, Ricardo and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2011) Robust rational interpolation and least-squares. Technical Report. ETNA. (Submitted)

Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2011) Ten Digit Problems. Technical Report. Springer. (Submitted)

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