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Schryvers, D. and Boullay, P. and Kohn, R. V. and Ball, J. M. (2001) Lattice deformations at martensite-martensite interfaces in Ni-Al. Journal de Physique IV, 11 (Pr. 8). pp. 23-30.

Carpio, Ana and Chapman, S. J. and Velazquez, J. L. L. (2001) Pile-up solutions for some systems of conservation laws modelling dislocation interaction in crystals. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 61 (6). pp. 2168-2199. ISSN 1095-712X

Maini, P. K. (2001) Applications of mathematical modelling to biological pattern formation,. In, Coherent Structures in Complex Systems, D. Reguera, L.L. Bonilla, J.M. Rubi (eds), Springer (Lecture Notes in Physics), 567 . pp. 205-217.

Joyce, Dominic (2001) Asymptotically Locally Euclidean metrics with holonomy SU(m). Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 19 . pp. 55-73.

Joyce, Dominic (2001) Constructing special Lagrangian m-folds in ${\mathbb C}^m$ by evolving quadrics. Mathematische Annalen, 320 . pp. 757-797.

Flynn, E. V. and Wetherell, J. L. (2001) Covering collections and a challenge problem of Serre. Acta Arithmetica, XCVIII (2). pp. 197-205. ISSN 0065-1036

Flynn, E. V. and Leprévost, F. and Schaefer, E. F. and Stein, W. A. and Stoll, M. and Wetherell, J. L. (2001) Empirical evidence for the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjectures for modular jacobians of genus 2 curves. Mathematics of Computation, 70 . pp. 1675-1697. ISSN 0025-5718

Joyce, Dominic (2001) Evolution equations for special Lagrangian 3-folds in ${\mathbb C}^3$. Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 20 . pp. 345-403.

Bampfylde, C. J. and Brown, N. D. and Gavaghan, D. J. and Maini, P. K. (2001) Explaining rain forest diversity. Journal of Agricultural Science Cambridge, 137 (1). pp. 115-116.

Crampin, E. J. and Maini, P. K. (2001) Modelling biological pattern formation: The role of domain growth. Comments in Theoretical Biology, 6 (3). pp. 229-249.

Dallon, J. C. and Sherratt, J. A. and Maini, P. K. (2001) Modelling the effects of Transforming Growth Factor-β on extracellular matrix alignment in dermal wound repair. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 9 (4). pp. 278-286.

Flynn, E. V. (2001) On Q-derived polynomials. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 44 . pp. 103-110. ISSN 0013-0915

Satnoianu, R. A. and Maini, P. K. and Menzinger, M. (2001) Parameter domains for Turing and stationary flow-distributed waves: I. The influence of nonlinearity. Physica D, 160 (1-2). pp. 79-102.

Heath-Brown, D. R. (2001) Primes represented by $x^3+2y^3$. Acta Mathematica, 186 . pp. 1-84.

Joyce, Dominic (2001) Quasi-ALE metrics with holonomy SU(m) and Sp(m). Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 19 . pp. 103-132.

Crampin, E. J. and Maini, P. K. (2001) Reaction-diffusion models for biological pattern formation. Methods and Applications of Analysis, 8 (3). pp. 415-428.

Satnoianu, R. A. and Maini, P. K. and Sánchez-Garduño, F. and Armitage, J. P. (2001) Travelling waves in a nonlinear degenerate diffusion model for bacterial pattern formation. DCDS B, 1 (3). pp. 339-362.

Joyce, Dominic (2001) U(1)-invariant special Lagrangian 3-folds I. Nonsingular solutions. Advances in Mathematics . (In Press)

Joyce, Dominic (2001) U(1)-invariant special Lagrangian 3-folds II. Existence of singular solutions. Advances in Mathematics . (In Press)

Breward, C. J. W. and Darton, R. C. and Howell, P. D. and Ockendon, J. R. (2001) The effect of surfactants on expanding free surfaces. Chemical Engineering Science, 56 . pp. 2867-2878.

Heath-Brown, D. R. (2001) The largest prime factor of $X^3+2$. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society (3), 82 . pp. 554-596.

Roose, T. and Fowler, A. C. and Darrah, P. R. (2001) A mathematical model of plant nutrient uptake. J. Math. Biol., 42 . pp. 347-360.

Page, K. M. and Maini, P. K. and Monk, N. A. M. and Stern, C. D. (2001) A model of primitive streak initiation in the chick embryo. Journal of theoretical Biology, 208 (4). pp. 419-438.

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