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Abdulle, A. and Vilmart, G. and Zygalakis, K. C. (2012) Second weak order explicit stabilized methods for stiff
stochastic differential equations.
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing . (Submitted)

Allen, R. and Reis, T. and Sun, S. (2012) A new Lattice Boltzmann equation to simulate density-driven convection of carbon dioxide. Proceedings for the Society of Petroleum Engineering . (Submitted)

Aragón, J. L. and Barrio, R. A. and Woolley, T. E. and Baker, R. E. and Maini, P. K. (2012) Non-linear effects on Turing patterns: time oscillations and chaos. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Aumaitre, E. and Knoche, S. and Cicuta, P. and Vella, D. (2012) Wrinkling in the deflation of elastic bubbles. EPL . (Submitted)


Bell, C. G. and Byrne, H. M. and Whiteley, J. P. and Waters, S. L. (2012) A note on heat and mass transfer from a sphere in Stokes
flow at low Péclet number.
Applied Mathematics Letters . (Submitted)

Bosch, J. and Stoll, M. and Benner, P. (2012) Fast solution of Cahn-Hilliard variational inequalities using implicit time discretization and finite elements. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Lai, Y. M. (2012) Dispersal and noise: Various modes of synchrony in
ecological oscillators.
Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Newby, J. M. (2012) Stochastic models of intracellular transport. Reviews of Modern Physics . (Submitted)

Bruna, M. and Chapman, S. J. (2012) Diffusion of multiple species with excluded-volume effects. Journal of Chemical Physics . (Submitted)

Bueno-Orovio, A. and Kay, D. and Burrage, K. (2012) Fourier spectral methods for fractional-in-space reaction-diffusion equations. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Byrne, H. M. (2012) Mathematical biomedicine and modeling avascular tumor growth. In: Mathematics and Life Sciences. De Gruyter. (Submitted)


Chen, W. and Erban, R. and Chapman, S. J. (2012) From Brownian dynamics to Markov chain: an ion channel example. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Collins-Hooper, H. and Woolley, T. E. and Dyson, L and Patel, A. and Potter, P. and Baker, R. E. and Gaffney, E. A. and Maini, P. K. and Dash, P. R. and Patel, K. (2012) Age related changes in speed and mechanism of adult skeletal
muscle stem cell migration.
Stem Cells .

Connor, A. J. and Cooper, J. and Byrne, H. M. and Maini, P. K. and McKeever, S. (2012) Object-Oriented Paradigms for Modelling Vascular
Tumour Growth: a Case Study.
In: SIMUL2012. (Submitted)

Cotter, S. L. and Roberts, G. O. and Stuart, A. M. and White, D. (2012) MCMC methods for functions modifying old algorithms to make
them faster.
Statistical Science . (Submitted)

Cross, R. and McNamara, H. and Kalachev, L. and Pokrovski, A. (2012) Memory of recessions. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics .


Davit, Y. and Byrne, H. M. and Osborne, J. M. and Pitt-Francis, J. M. and Gavaghan, D. J. and Quintard, M. (2012) Solute transport within porous biofilms: diffusion or dispersion? Physical Review E . (Submitted)

Davit, Y. and Osborne, J. M. and Byrne, H. M. and Gavaghan, D. J. and Pitt-Francis, J. M. (2012) Validity of the Cauchy-Born rule applied to discrete cellular-scale models of biological tissues. Physical Review E . (Submitted)

Davit, Y. and Wood, B. D. and Debenest, G. and Quintard, M. (2012) Correspondence between one- and two-equation models for solute
transport in two-region heterogeneous porous media.
Transport in Porous Media . (Submitted)

deBotton, G. and Bustamante, R. and Dorfmann, A. (2012) Axisymmetric bifurcations of thick spherical shells under inflation and compression. International Journal of Solids and Structures . (Submitted)


Erban, R. and Flegg, M. B. and Papoian, G. A. (2012) Multiscale stochastic reaction-diffusion modelling: application to actin dynamics in filopodia. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)


Figueredo, G. and Joshi, T. and Osborne, J. and Byrne, H. M. and Owen, M. (2012) On-lattice agent-based simulation of populations of cells within the open-source chaste framework. Interface Focus . (Submitted)

Fowkes, J. M. and Gould, N. I. M. and Farmer, C. L. (2012) A Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Global Optimization of Hessian Lipschitz Continuous Functions. Journal of Global Optimization . (Submitted)

Franz, B. and Flegg, M. B. and Chapman, S. J. and Erban, R. (2012) Multiscale reaction-diffusion algorithms: pde-assisted
Brownian dynamics.
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Furati, K. M. (2012) Bounds on the solution of a Cauchy-type problem involving a weighted sequential fractional derivative. Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis . (Submitted)


Goriely, A. and Moulton, D. E. (2012) The Mathematics Behind Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. SIAM News .

Griffiths, I. M. and Breward, C. J. W. and Colegate, D. M. and Dellar, P. J. and Howell, P. D. and Bain, C. D. (2012) A new pathway for the re-equilibration of micellar
surfactant solutions.
Soft Matter . (Submitted)

Griffiths, I. M. and Howell, P. D. and Shipley, R. J. (2012) Control and optimization of solute transport in a porous tube. Physics of Fluids . (Submitted)

Griffiths, I. M. and Stone, H. A. (2012) Axial Dispersion via Shear-enhanced Diffusion in Colloidal
Europhysics Letters . (Submitted)

Güttel, S. and Pestana, J. (2012) Some observations on weighted GMRES. Numerical Algorithms . (Submitted)


Hadjimichael, Y. and Macdonald, C. B. and Ketcheson, D. I. and Verner, J. H. (2012) Effective order strong stability preserving Runge–Kutta methods. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis . (Submitted)

Hale, N. and Townsend, A. (2012) Fast and Accurate Computation of Gauss-Legendre and
Gauss-Jacobi Quadrature Nodes and Weights.
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing . (Submitted)

Hale, Nicholas and Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2012) Chebfun and Numerical Quadrature. Science in China Mathematics Series A . (Submitted)

Hubbard, M. E. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) Multiphase modelling of vascular tumour growth in two spatial dimensions. Journal of Theoretical Biology . (Submitted)


Jain, H. V. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) Qualitative Analysis of an Integro-Differential Equation Model of Periodic Chemotherapy. Applied Maths Letters . (Submitted)

Jain, H. V. and Moldovan, N. I. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) Modeling Stem/Progenitor Cell-Induced Neovascularization and
Oxygenation around Solid Implants.
Tissue Engineering Part C . (Submitted)

Jain, H. V. and Richardson, A. and Meyer-Hermann, M. E. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) Exploiting the synergy between carboplatin and ABT-737 in the treatment of ovarian carcinomas. Cancer Research . (Submitted)


Kershaw, S. K. and Byrne, H. M. and Gavaghan, D. J. and Osborne, J. M. (2012) Colorectal Cancer Through Simulation and Experiment. IET Systems Biology . (Submitted)

Knox, D. J. and Wilson, S. K. and Duffy, B. R. and McKee, S. (2012) Squeeze-Film Flow in the Presence of a Thin Porous Bed, with Application to the Human Knee Joint. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Krkošek, M. and Ashander, J. and Lewis, M. A. (2012) Parasite spill-back from domestic hosts may induce an Allee effect in wildlife hosts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B . (Submitted)

Krkošek, M. and Connors, B. M. and Lewis, M. A. and Poulin, R. (2012) Allee Effects May Slow the Spread of Parasites in a Coastal Marine Ecosystem. American Naturalist . (Submitted)


Leslie, G. A. and Wilson, S. K. and Duffy, B. R. (2012) Thermoviscous Coating and Rimming Flow. The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Leslie, G. A. and Wilson, S. K. and Duffy, B. R. (2012) Three-dimensional coating and rimming flow: a ring of fluid on a rotating horizontal cylinder. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Lewis, M. A. and Li, B. (2012) Spreading Speed, Traveling Waves, and Minimal Domain Size in
Impulsive Reaction-diffusion Models.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)


Majumdar, A. (2012) The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals: Analysis, Computation and Applications. BLCS Newsletter 2012 . (Submitted)

Majumdar, A. and Goriely, A. (2012) Static and dynamic stability results for a class of three-dimensional configurations of Kirchhoff elastic rods. Physica D . (Submitted)

Majumdar, A. and Ockendon, J. R. and Howell, P. D. and Surovyatkina, E. (2012) Transitions through Critical Temperatures in Nematic Liquid Crystals. Physical Review E . (Submitted)

Majumdar, A. and Pisante, A. and Henao, D. (2012) Biaxial defect cores in nematic equilibria an asymptotic result. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

McArdle, C. R. and Pritchard, D. and Wilson, S. K. (2012) The Stokes boundary layer for a thixotropic or antithixotropic fluid. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

McKenzie, H. W. and Merrill, E. H. and Spiteri, R. J. and Lewis, M. A. (2012) How linear features alter predator movement and the functional
Journal of the Royal Society Interface Focus . (Submitted)

McNamara, H. (2012) An estimate of energy dissipation due to soil-moisture hysteresis. Water Resources Research . (Submitted)

Melnik, A. V. and Goriely, A. (2012) Dynamics of mechanically induced fiber reorientation in
the material reinforced by two families of fibers.
Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids . (Submitted)

Menon, S. N. and Hall, C. L. and McCue, S. W. and McElwain, D. L. S. (2012) A model for one-dimensional morphoelasticity and its application to fibroblast-populated collagen lattices. Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

Mirams, G R and Fletcher, A G and Maini, P. K. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) A theoretical investigation of the effect of proliferation and
adhesion on monoclonal conversion in the colonic crypt.
Journal of Theoretical Biology . (Submitted)

Moore, M. R. and Howison, S. D. and Ockendon, J. R. and Oliver, J. M. (2012) Three-dimensional oblique water-entry problems at small
deadrise angles.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Moore, M. R. and Howison, S. D. and Ockendon, J. R. and Oliver, J. M. (2012) A note on oblique water entry. Journal of Engineering Maths . (Submitted)

Moore, M. R. and Ockendon, J. R. and Oliver, J. M. (2012) Air-cushioning in impact problems. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Morgan, C. E. and Breward, C. J. W. and Griffiths, I. M. and Howell, P. D. and Penfold, J. and Thomas, R. K. and Tucker, I. and Petkov, J. T. and Webster, J. R. P. (2012) The kinetics of surfactant desorption at the air–solution interface. Langmuir . (Submitted)

Moulton, D. E. and Goriely, A. and Chirat, R. (2012) Mechanical growth and morphogenesis of seashells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . (Submitted)

Moulton, D. E. and Lega, J. (2012) Effect of disjoining pressure in a thin film equation with
non-uniform forcing.
European Journal of Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Moulton, D. E. and Lessinnes, T. and Goriely, A. (2012) Morphoelastic rods Part 1: A single growing elastic rod. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids . (Submitted)

Muraro, D. and Byrne, H. M. and King, J. R. and Bennett, M. J. (2012) Mathematical modelling plant signalling networks. Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena . (Submitted)

Muraro, D. and Voß, U. and Wilson, M. and Bennett, M. and Byrne, H. M. and de Smet, I. and Hodgman, C. and King, J. R. (2012) Inference of the genetic network regulating lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics . (Submitted)

März, T. and Macdonald, C. B. (2012) Calculus on surfaces with general closest point functions. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis . (Submitted)


O'Dea, R. D. and Osborne, J. M. and El Haj, A. J. and Byrne, H. M. and Waters, S. L. (2012) The interplay between tissue growth and scaffold degradation in engineered tissue constructs. Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)


Paetsch, C. and Dorfmann, L. (2012) Non-linear modeling of active biohybrid materials. Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics . (Submitted)

Pancheri, F. and Dorfmann, L. (2012) Strain controlled biaxial stretch: An experimental characterization of natural rubber. Rubber Chemistry and Technology . (Submitted)

Paterson, C. and Wilson, S. K. and Duffy, B. R. (2012) Gravity-driven draining of a thin rivulet with constant width down a slowly varying substrate. European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids . (Submitted)

Peppin, S. S. L. and Style, R. W. (2012) The physics of frost heave and ice-lens growth. Vadose Zone Journal . (Submitted)

Piret, C. (2012) The Orthogonal Gradients Method: a Radial Basis Functions Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations on Arbitrary Surfaces. Journal of Computational Physics .

Potapov, A. and Merrill, E. H. and Lewis, M. A. (2012) Wildlife disease elimination and 1 density dependence. Proceedings of the Royal Society B . (Submitted)

Prior, C. and Goriely, A. (2012) The Fourier transform of tubular densities. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General . (Submitted)


Reis, T. and Dellar, P. J. (2012) Moment-based formulation of Navier–Maxwell slip boundary conditions for lattice Boltzmann simulations of rarefied flows in microchannels. Physics of Fluids . (Submitted)

Reis, T. and Wilson, H. J. (2012) Rolie-Poly fluid flowing through constrictions: Two distinct
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Rockstroh, P. and März, T. and Ruuth, S. J. (2012) An embedding technique for the solution of reaction-fiffusion equations on algebraic surfaces with isolated singularities. Foundations of Computational Mathematics . (Submitted)


Scianna, M. and Bell, C. G. and Preziosi, L. (2012) A Review of Mathematical Models for the Formation of
Vascular Networks.
Annals of Biomedical Engineering . (Submitted)

Shikhmurzaev, Y. D. and Sprittles, J. E. (2012) On the anomalous dynamics of capillary rise in porous media. Physical Review E .

Soulaine, C. and Davit, Y. and Quintard, M. (2012) A two-pressure model for slightly compressible single phase flow in bi-structured porous media. Chemical Engineering Science . (Submitted)

Sprittles, J. E. and Shikhmurzaev, Y. D. (2012) Coalescence of Liquid Drops: Different Models Versus
Physics of Fluids . (Submitted)

Sprittles, J. E. and Shikhmurzaev, Y. D. (2012) The Dynamics of Liquid Drops and their Interaction with
Solids of Varying Wettabilities.
Physics of Fluids . (Submitted)

Sprittles, J. E. and Shikhmurzaev, Y. D. (2012) Finite Element Simulation of Dynamic Wetting Flows as an
Interface Formation Process.
Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Sullivan, J. M. and Paterson, C. and Wilson, S. K. and Duffy, B. R. (2012) A thin rivulet or ridge subject to a uniform transverse
shear stress at its free surface due to an external airflow.
Physics of Fluids . (Submitted)

Séguis, J. - C. and Burrage, K. and Erban, R. and Kay, D. (2012) Simulation of cell movement through evolving environment: a fictitious domain approach. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)


Taroni, M. and Breward, C. J. W. and Cummings, L. J. and Griffiths, I. M. (2012) Asymptotic solutions of glass temperature profiles during steady optical fibre drawing. Journal of Engineering Mathematics . (Submitted)

Taroni, M. and Breward, C. J. W. and Howell, P. D. and Oliver, J. M. (2012) Boundary conditions for free surface inlet and outlet
Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Taroni, M. and Vella, D. (2012) Multiple equilibria in a simple elastocapillary system. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Tavener, S. J. and Wildey, T. (2012) Adjoint based a posteriori analysis of multiscale mortar discretizations with multinumerics. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing . (Submitted)

Tsai, S. S. H. and Griffiths, I. M. and Stone, H. A. (2012) Microfluidic immunomagnetic multi-target sorting – a model for controlling deflection of paramagnetic beads. Lab on a Chip, 11 (15). pp. 2577-2582.


Vella, D. and Ajdari, A. and Vaziri, A. and Boudaoud, A. (2012) Indentation of ellipsoidal and cylindrical elastic shells. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Vigolo, D. and Griffiths, I. M. and Radl, S. and Stone, H. A. (2012) An experimental and theoretical investigation of particle–wall impacts in a T-junction. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)


Wagner, T. J. W. and Vella, D. (2012) The ‘Sticky Elastica’: Delamination blisters beyond small
Soft Matter .

Wagner, T. J. W. and Vella, D. (2012) The sensitivity of Graphene ‘Snap-through’ to substrate
Applied Physics Letters .

Wake, G. C. and Byrne, H. M. (2012) Calculus from the past: multiple delay systems arising in cancer cell modelling. ANZIAM Journal . (Submitted)

Wathen, A. J. and Zhu, S.-X. (2012) On the spectral distribution of kernel matrices related to
radial basis functions.
Numerische Mathematik . (Submitted)

Webber, M. and Bressloff, P. C. (2012) The effects of noise on binocular rivalry waves: a stochastic neural field model. Journal of Statistical Mechanics . (Submitted)

Wheeler, J. D. and Bampfylde, C. J. and Lewis, M. A. (2012) Modelling temperature-dependent larval development and
subsequent demographic Allee effects in adult populations of the alpine butterfly Parnassius smintheus.
Theoretical Ecology . (Submitted)

Whiteley, J. P. and Tavener, S. J. (2012) Error estimation and adaptivity for incompressible, non–linear (hyper–)elasticity. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering . (Submitted)


Zhu, S. (2012) Compactly supported radial basis functions: how and why? SIAM Review . (Submitted)

Zhu, S. -X. and Gu, T. -X. and Liu, X. -P. (2012) Inner product computation for sparse iterative solvers on
distributed supercomputer.
Parallel Computing . (Submitted)

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