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Abdulle, A. and Cohen, D. and Vilmart, G. and Zygalakis, K. C. (2011) High order weak methods for stochastic differential equations based on modified equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing . (Submitted)


Biddle, Harry (2011) Nonlinear diffusion filtering on surfaces. Masters thesis, University of Oxford.

Braun, R. J. (2011) Dynamics of the Tear Film. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Newby, J. M. (2011) Filling of a Poisson trap by a population of random intermittent searchers. Physical Review E. . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Newby, J. M. (2011) Quasi-steady state analysis of two-dimensional random intermittent search processes. Physical Review E . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Webber, M. (2011) Front propagation in stochastic neural fields. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems . (Submitted)

Bressloff, P. C. and Webber, M. (2011) Neural field model of binocular rivalry waves. Journal of Computational Neuroscience . (Submitted)

Burlakov, V. and Emptage, N. and Goriely, A. and Bressloff, P. C. (2011) Synaptic bistability due to nucleation and evaporation of receptor clusters. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Burrage, K. and Hale, Nicholas and Kay, David (2011) An efficient implementation of an implicit FEM scheme for fractional-in-space reaction-diffusion equations. Technical Report. SIAM. (Submitted)


Cooray, H. and Cicuta, P. and Vella, D. (2011) The Capillary Interaction Between Two Vertical Cylinders. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter . (Submitted)

Cotter, C. J. and Cotter, S. L. and Vialard, F. X. (2011) Bayesian data assimilation in shape registration. Inverse Problems . (Submitted)

Cotter, S. L. and Vejchodsky, T. and Erban, R. (2011) Adaptive finite element method assisted by stochastic simulation of chemical systems. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing . (Submitted)

Cotter, S. L. and Zygalakis, K. C. and Kevrekidis, I. G. and Erban, R. (2011) A Constrained Approach to Multiscale Stochastic Simulation of
Chemically Reacting Systems.
Journal of Chemical Physics . (Submitted)

Cross, R. and McNamara, H. and Kalachev, L. and Pokrovski, A. (2011) Hysteresis and Post Walrasian Economics. Journal of Mathematical Economics . (Submitted)


Davidovitch, B. and Schroll, R. D. and Vella, D. and Adda-Bedia, M. and Cerda, E. (2011) A prototypical model for tensional wrinkling in thin sheets. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA . (Submitted)

Davit, Y. and Quintard, M. (2011) Comment on “Frequency-dependent dispersion in porous media”. American Physical Society . (Submitted)

Du, Q. and Gunzburger, M. and Lehoucq, R. B. and Zhou, K. (2011) A non-local vector calculus,non-local volume-constrained problems,and non-local balance laws. Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences . (Submitted)

Duan, L. and Farmer, C. L. and Hoteit, I. and Luo, X. and Moroz, I. M. (2011) Data assimilation using bayesian filters and B-spline geological models. Institute of Physics: Conference Series . (Submitted)


Elliott, J. A. W. and Peppin, S. S. L. (2011) Particle trapping and banding in rapid solidification. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Epstein, M. and Goriely, A. (2011) Self-diffusion in remodelling and growth. Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik . (Submitted)

Erban, R. and Haskovec, J. (2011) From individual to collective behaviour of coupled velocity jump processes: a locust example. Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (C) Analyse Non Linéaire . (Submitted)


Flegg, J. A. and Byrne, H. M. and Flegg, M. B. and McElwain, D. L. S. (2011) Wound healing angiogenesis the clinical implications of a simple mathematical model. Journal of Theoretical Biology . (Submitted)

Flegg, M. B. and Chapman, S. J. and Erban, R. (2011) The Two Regime method for optimizing stochastic reaction-diffusion simulations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . (Submitted)

Fornberg, B. and Weideman, J. A. C. (2011) A Numerical Methodology for the Painlevé Equations. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Franz, B. and Erban, R. (2011) Hybrid modelling of individual movement and collective behaviour. In: Dispersal, individual movement and spatial ecology: A mathematical perspective. Springer. (Submitted)


Gallimore, L. S. and Whiteley, J. P. and Waters, S. L. and King, J. R. and Oliver, J. M. (2011) Nonuniqueness in a minimal model for cell motility. Mathematical Medicine and Biology . (Submitted)

Giomi, L. and Bowick, M. J. and Ma, X. and Majumdar, A. (2011) Molecular Tilt on Monolayer-Protected Nanoparticles. A Letters Journal Exploring the Frontiers of Physics . (Submitted)

Goriely, A. and Moulton, D. E. (2011) The Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems. In: New Trends in the Physics and Mechanics or Biological Systems: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer Schools, Vol 92. Oxford University Press.

Goriely, A. and Neukirch, S. and Hausrath, A. (2011) Helices through 3 or 4 points? Note di Matematica . (Submitted)

Goriely, A. and Tabor, M. (2011) Spontaneous rotational inversion in Phycomyces. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Griffiths, I. M. and Bain, C. D. and Breward, C. J. W. and Chapman, S. J. and Howell, P. D. and Waters, S. L. (2011) An asymptotic theory for the re-equilibration of a micellar surfactant solution. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Griffiths, I. M. and Bain, C. D. and Breward, C. J. W. and Colegate, D. M. and Howell, P. D. and Waters, S. L. (2011) On the predictions and limitations of the BeckerDoring model for reaction kinetics in micellar surfactant solutions. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science . (Submitted)


Hall, C. L. (2011) Asymptotic analysis of a pile-up of edge dislocation. Materials Science and Engineering A . (Submitted)

Hall, C. L. and Markenscoff, X. (2011) On approaches to modelling lattice dislocations. Philosophical Magazine Letters . (Submitted)

Hall, C. L. and Menon, S. N. and McCue, S. W. and McElwain, D. L. S. (2011) A novel model for one-dimensional morphoelasticity. Part I - Theoretical foundations. Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

Henao, D. and Majumdar, A. (2011) Symmetry of uniaxial global Landau-de Gennes minimizers in the
theory of nematic liquid crystals.
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis . (Submitted)

Hennessy, M. G. and Münch, A. (2011) A multiple scales approach to evaporation induced Marangoni convection. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)


Keener, J. P. and Newby, J. M. (2011) A perturbation analysis of spontaneous action potential initiation by stochastic ion channels. Physical Review E. . (Submitted)

Ketcheson, D. I. and Gottlieb, S. and Macdonald, C. B. (2011) Strong Stability Preserving Two-Step Runge-Kutta Methods. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis . (Submitted)

Kirchartz, T. and Pieters, B. E. and Kirkpatrick, J. and Rau, U. and Nelson, J. (2011) Recombination via tail states in polythiophene:fullerene solar cells. Physical Review B .


Lai, Y. M. and Newby, J. M. and Bressloff, P. C. (2011) Effects of demographic noise on the synchronization of a metapopulation in a fluctuating environment. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Lippok, N. and Nielsen, P. and Vanholsbeeck, F. (2011) Improving the efficiency of optical coherence tomography by using the non-ideal behaviour of a polarising beam splitter. Optics Express .

Loessner, D. and Flegg, J. A. and Byrne, H. M. and Hall, C. L. and Moroney, T. J. and Clements, J. A. and McElwain, D. L. S. and Hutmacher, D. W. (2011) Growth of confined cancer spheroids: a combined experimental and mathematical modelling approach. Integrative Biology . (Submitted)

Luo, C. and Calderer, M. C. (2011) Numerical study of liquid crystal elastomers by a mixed finite element method. European Journal of Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)

Luo, C. and Majumdar, A. and Erban, R. (2011) The dynamics of bistable liquid crystal wells. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Luo, X. and Hoteit, I. and Duan, L. and Wang, W. (2011) Review of nonlinear Kalman, ensemble and particle filtering with application to the reservoir history matching problem. In: Nonlinear Estimation and Applications to Industrial Systems Control. Nova Publishers. (Submitted)


Macdonald, C. B. and Brandman, J. and Ruuth, S. J. (2011) Solving Eigenvalue Problems on Curved Surfaces using the Closest Point Method. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)

Majumdar, A. and Prior, C. and Goriely, A. (2011) Stability estimates for a twisted rod under terminal loads: a three-dimensional study. Journal of Elasticity . (Submitted)

McNamara, H. and Bower, G. and Dellar, P. J. (2011) A locally adaptive time-stepping algorithm for
petroleum reservoir simulations.
Applied Maths Journal . (Submitted)

Menon, S. N. and Hall, C. L. and McCue, S. W. and McElwain, D. L. S. (2011) A novel model for one-dimensional morphoelasticity. Part II - Application to the contraction of fibroblast-populated collagen lattices. Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

Mihai, L. A. and Goriely, A. (2011) Positive or negative Poynting effect? The role of adscititious inequalities in hyperelastic materials. Proceedings of the Royal Society . (Submitted)

Moulton, D. E. and Goriely, A. (2011) Surface growth kinematics via local curve evolution. Journal of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

Murphy, K. E. and Hall, C. L. and Maini, P. K. and McCue, S. W. and McElwain, D. L. S. (2011) A fibrocontractive mechanochemical model of dermal wound
closure incorporating realistic growth factor kinetics.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology . (Submitted)

März, T. (2011) Image inpainting based on coherence transport with adapted distance functions. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences . (Submitted)


Neukirch, S. and Frelat, J. and Goriely, A. and Maurini, C. (2011) Frequency jumps in the planar vibrations of an elastic beam. Journal of Sound and Vibration . (Submitted)

Newby, J. M. (2011) Isolating intrinsic noise sources in a stochastic genetic switch. Physical Biology . (Submitted)


Please, C. P. and Fulford, G. R. and McElwain, D. L. S. and Collins, M. J. (2011) Tear film thickness variations and the role of the tear meniscus. Mathematical Medicine and Biology - a Journal of the IMA . (Submitted)

Prior, C. and Berger, M. A. (2011) On the shape of force–free field lines in the solar corona. Solar Physics . (Submitted)


Quezada de Luna, M. and Đuričković, B. and Goriely, A. (2011) Nonlinear waves in heterogeneous elastic rods via homogenization. International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics . (Submitted)


Richardson, G. and Please, C. P. and Kirkpatrick, J. (2011) Asymptotic solution of a model for bilayer organic diodes and solar cells. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics . (Submitted)


Smith, N. A. S. and Peppin, S. S. L. and Ramos, A. M. (2011) Generalized enthalpy model of a high pressure shift freezing process. Royal Society . (Submitted)

Soon, Y. W. and Clarke, T. M. and Zhang, W. and Agostinelli, T. and Kirkpatrick, J. and Dyer-Smith, C. and McCulloch, I. and Nelson, J. and Durrant, J. R. (2011) Energy versus electron transfer in organic solar cells: a comparison of the photophysics of two indenofluorene: fullerene blend films. Chemical Science . (Submitted)

Style, R. W. and Cocks, A. C. F. and Peppin, S. S. L. and Wettlaufer, J. S. (2011) Ice-lens formation and connement-induced supercooling in soils and other colloidal materials. Physical Review E . (Submitted)

Style, R. W. and Peppin, S. S. L. (2011) The kinetics of ice-lens growth in porous media. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . (Submitted)

Székely Jr., T. and Burrage, K. and Erban, R. and Zygalakis, K. C. (2011) Higher-order numerical methods for stochastic simulation of
chemical reaction systems.
Journal of Chemical Physics . (Submitted)


Vella, D. and Ajdari, A. and Vaziri, A. and Boudaoud, A. (2011) Wrinkling of pressurized elastic shells. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)

Vella, D. and Ajdari, A. and Vaziri, A. and Boudaoud, A. (2011) The indentation of pressurized elastic shells: From polymeric capsules to yeast cells. Journal of the Royal Society Interface . (Submitted)


Wagner, T. J. W. and Vella, D. (2011) Floating carpets and the delamination of elastic sheets. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)


Yavari, A. and Goriely, A. (2011) Riemann-Cartan Geometry of nonlinear dislocation mechanics. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis . (Submitted)


Zygalakis, K. C. and Roose, T. (2011) A simple mathematical model for investigating the effect of cluster roots on plant nutrient uptake. European Journal of Physics . (Submitted)

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