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Stationary bumps in a piecewise smooth neural field model with synaptic depression

Bressloff, P. C. and Kilpatrick, Z. P. (2010) Stationary bumps in a piecewise smooth neural field model with synaptic depression. Physica D . (Submitted)



We analyze the existence and stability of stationary pulses or bumps in a one–dimensional piecewise smooth neural field model with synaptic depression. The continuum dynamics is described in terms of a nonlocal integrodifferential equation, in which the integral kernel represents the spatial distribution of synaptic weights between populations of neurons whose mean firing rate is taken to be a Heaviside function of local activity. Synaptic depression dynamically reduces the strength of synaptic weights in response to increases in activity. We show that in the case of a Mexican hat weight distribution, there exists a stable bump for sufficiently weak synaptic depression. However, as synaptic depression becomes stronger, the bump became unstable with respect to perturbations that shift the boundary of the bump, leading to the formation of a traveling pulse. The local stability of a bump is determined by the spectrum of a piecewise linear operator that keeps track of the sign of perturbations of the bump boundary. This results in a number of differences from previous studies of neural field models with Heaviside firing rate functions, where any discontinuities appear inside convolutions so that the resulting dynamical system is smooth. We also extend our results to the case of radially symmetric bumps in two–dimensional neural field models.

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