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Systems biologists seek fuller integration of systems biology approaches in new cancer research programs

Drasdo, D and Fell, D and Ferrell, J and Gallahan, D and Gatenby, R. A. and Guenther, U and Herzel, H. and Junghanss, C and Kunz, M and Laplace, F and van Leeuwen, I. M. M. and Lenormand, P and Levi, F and Linnebacher, M and Lowengrub, J and Maini, P. K. and Marcus, F and Malik, A and Rateitschak, K and Sansom, O and Schafer, R and Schurrle, K and Sers, C and Schnell, S. and Harms, B and Shibata, D and Tyson, J and Vera, J and White, M and Zhivotovsky, B and Jaster, R and Wolkenhauer, O and Auffray, C and Baltrusch, S and Bluthgen, N and Byrne, H. M. and Cascante, M and Ciliberto, A and Dale, T (2010) Systems biologists seek fuller integration of systems biology approaches in new cancer research programs. Cancer Research, 70 (1). pp. 12-13.



Systems biology takes an interdisciplinary approach to the systematic study of complex interactions in biological systems. This approach seeks to decipher the emergent behaviors of complex systems rather than focusing only on their constituent properties. As an increasing number of examples illustrate the value of systems biology approaches to understand the initiation, progression, and treatment of cancer, systems biologists from across Europe and the United States hope for changes in the way their field is currently perceived among cancer researchers. In a recent EU-US workshop, supported by the European Commission, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and the National Cancer Institute of the NIH, the participants discussed the strengths, weaknesses, hurdles, and opportunities in cancer systems biology.

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