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Chaste: a test-driven approach to software development for physiological modelling

Pitt-Francis, J and Pathmanathan, P. and Bernabeu, M O and Bordas, R and Cooper, J and Fletcher, A G and Mirams, G R and Murray, P J and Osbourne, J and Walter, A and Chapman, S. J. and Garny, A. and van Leeuwen, I. M. M. and Maini, P. K. and Rodriguez, B and Whiteley, J. P. and Byrne, H. M. and Gavaghan, D. J. (2009) Chaste: a test-driven approach to software development for physiological modelling. Not specified . (Submitted)



Chaste is a software library and set of test suites for modelling phenomena in the domain of computational biology. Specifically these the modelling problems arise in the fields of cancer modelling, cardiac simulation and soft-tissue engineering (Chaste stands for ‘Cancer, heart and soft-tissue environment’). It is released under the LGPL 2.1 licence.

Chaste has been developed using agile programming methods. The project began 5 years when it was reasoned that the modelling of a variety of physio-logical phenomena requires both a generic mathematical modelling framework, and a generic computational/simulation framework. The Chaste project was formed as part of the larger Integrative Biology e-Science (IB) Project ([14]), an inter-institutional project aimed at developing a suitable IT infrastructure to support physiome-level computational modelling, with a focus on cardiac and cancer modelling.

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