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A new approach to the generation of pattern and form in embryology

Murray, J. D. and Maini, P. K. (1986) A new approach to the generation of pattern and form in embryology. Science Progress, 70 . pp. 539-553.



A central issue in developmental biology is the formation of spatial pattern in the early embryo. From the homogeneous mass of dividing cells in the very early stge of development, emerge the vast range of pattern and structure observed in animals. The skeleton, for example, is laid down during chondrogenesis, when chondroblast cells condense into aggregates which lead via cartilage to bone formation. The skin, the major body organ of vertebrates, forms many specalized structures, for example, hair, scales, feathers and glands, as well as antlers and horns. Butterfly wings exhibit spectacular colours and patterns and many animals develop dramatic coat markings.

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