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A multiscale model for collagen alignment in wound healing

Maini, P. K. and Dallon, J. C. and Sherratt, J. A. (2005) A multiscale model for collagen alignment in wound healing. Journal of Physiology, 561P, . 5P.



It is thought that collagen alignment plays a significant part in scar tissue formation during dermal wound healing. We present a multiscale model for collagen deposition and alignment during this process. We consider fibroblasts as discrete units moving within an extracellular matrix of collagen and fibrin modelled as continua. Our model includes flux induced alignment of collagen by fibroblasts, and contact guidance of fibroblasts by collagen fibres. We can use the model to predict the effects of certain manipulations, such as varying fibroblast speed, or placing an aligned piece of tissue in the wound. We also simulate experiments which alter the TGF-β concentrations in a healing dermal wound and use the model to offer an explanation of the observed influence of this growth factor on scarring.

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