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Modelling the effects of calcium waves and oscillations on saliva secretion

Palk, L and Sneyd, J. S. and Patterson, K and Shuttleworth, T J and Yule, D I and Maclaren, O J and Crampin, E J (2012) Modelling the effects of calcium waves and oscillations on saliva secretion. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 305 . pp. 45-53.



An understanding of Ca2+Ca2+ signalling in saliva-secreting acinar cells is important, as Ca2+Ca2+ is the second messenger linking stimulation of cells to production of saliva. Ca2+Ca2+ signals affect secretion via the ion channels located both apically and basolaterally in the cell. By approximating Ca2+Ca2+ waves with periodic functions on the apical and basolateral membranes, we isolate individual wave properties and investigate them for their effect on fluid secretion in a mathematical model of the acinar cell. Mean Ca2+Ca2+ concentration is found to be the most significant property in signalling secretion. Wave speed was found to encode a range of secretion rates. Ca2+Ca2+ oscillation frequency and amplitude had little effect on fluid secretion.

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