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A well-posedness framework for inpainting based on coherence transport

März, T. (2013) A well-posedness framework for inpainting based on coherence transport. Foundations of Computational Mathematics . (Submitted)



Image inpainting is the process of touching-up damaged or unwanted portions of a picture and is an important task in image processing. For this purpose Bornemann and März [J. Math. Imaging Vis. , 28 (2007), pp. 259– 278] introduced a very efficient method called Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport which fills the missing region by advecting the image information along integral curves of a coherence vector field from the boundary towards the interior of the hole. The mathematical model behind this method is a first-order functional advection PDE posed on a compact domain with all inflow boundary. We show that this problem is well-posed under certain conditions.

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