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Capillary deformations of bendable films

Schroll, R. D. and Adda-Bedia, M. and Cerda, E. and Huang, J. and Menon, N. and Russell, T. P. and Toga, K. B. and Vella, D. and Davidovitch, B. (2013) Capillary deformations of bendable films. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)



We address the partial wetting of liquid drops on ultrathin solid sheets resting on a deformable foundation. Considering the membrane limit of sheets that can relax compression through wrinkling at negligible energetic cost, we revisit the classical theory for the contact of liquid drops on solids. Our calculations and experiments show that the liquid-solid-vapor contact angle is modified from the Young angle, even though the elastic bulk modulus (E) of the sheet is so large that the ratio between the surface tension γ and E is of molecular size. This finding establishes a new type of “soft capillarity” that stems from the bendability of thin elastic bodies rather than from material softness. We also show that the size of the wrinkle pattern that emerges in the sheet is fully predictable, thus resolving a puzzle noticed in several previous attempts to model “drop-on-a-floating-sheet” experiments, and enabling a reliable usage of this setup for the metrology of ultrathin films.

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