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Tear film thickness variations and the role of the tear meniscus

Please, C. P. and Fulford, G. R. and McElwain, D. L. S. and Collins, M. J. (2011) Tear film thickness variations and the role of the tear meniscus. Mathematical Medicine and Biology - a Journal of the IMA . (Submitted)



A mathematical model is developed to investigate the two-dimensional variations in the thickness of tear fluid deposited on the eye surface during a blink. Such variations can become greatly enhanced as the tears evaporate during the interblink period.
The four mechanisms considered are: i) the deposition of the tear film from the upper eyelid meniscus, ii) the flow of tear fluid from under the eyelid as it is retracted and from the lacrimal gland, iii) the flow of tear fluid around the eye within the meniscus and iv) the drainage of tear fluid into the canaliculi through the inferior and superior puncta.
There are two main insights from the modelling. First is that the amount of fluid within the tear meniscus is much greater than previously employed in models and this significantly changes the predicted distribution of tears. Secondly the uniformity of the tear film for a single blink is: i) primarily dictated by the storage in the meniscus, ii) quite sensitive to the speed of the blink and the ratio of the viscosity to the surface tension iii) less sensitive to the precise puncta behaviour, the flow under the eyelids or the specific distribution of fluid along the meniscus at the start of the blink. The modelling briefly examines the flow into the puncta which interact strongly with the meniscus and acts to control the meniscus volume. In addition it considers flow from the lacrimal glands which appears to occurs continue even during the interblink period when the eyelids are stationary.

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