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The dynamics of bistable liquid crystal wells

Luo, C. and Majumdar, A. and Erban, R. (2011) The dynamics of bistable liquid crystal wells. Journal of Computational Physics . (Submitted)



A planar bistable liquid crystal device, reported in Tsakonas et al. [27], is modelled within the Landau-de Gennes theory for nematic liquid crystals. This planar device consists of an array of square micron-sized wells. We obtain six different classes of equilibrium profiles and these profiles are classified as diagonal or rotated solutions. In the strong anchoring case, we propose a Dirichlet boundary condition that mimics the experimentally imposed tangent boundary conditions. In the weak anchoring case, we present a suitable surface energy and study the multiplicity of solutions as a function of the anchoring strength. We find that diagonal solutions exist for all values of the anchoring strength W ≥ 0 while rotated solutions only exist for W ≥ Wc > 0, where Wc is a critical anchoring strength that has been computed numerically. We propose a dynamic model for the switching mechanisms based on only dielectric effects. For sufficiently strong external electric fields, we numerically demonstrate diagonal to rotated and rotated to diagonal switching by allowing for variable anchoring strength across the domain boundary.

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