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Dynamics of colloidal particles in ice

Spannuth, M. J. and Mochrie, S. G. J. and Peppin, S. S. L. and Wettlaufer, J. S. (2010) Dynamics of colloidal particles in ice. Physical Review Letters . (Submitted)



We use X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) to probe the dynamics of colloidal particles in polycrystalline ice. During freezing, the dendritic ice morphology and rejection of particles from the ice created regions of high-particle-density, where some of the colloids were forced into contact and formed disordered aggregates. We find that the particles in these high density regions underwent ballistic motion coupled with both stretched and compressed exponential decays of the intensity autocorrelation function, and that the particles’ characteristic velocity increased with temperature. We explain this behavior in terms of ice grain boundary migration.

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