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Trefethen, Lloyd N. (2006) Numerical Analysis. Technical Report. Princeton University Press. (Submitted)



Acknowledgements: This article will appear in the forthcoming Princeton Companion to Mathematics, edited by Timothy Gowers with June Barrow-Green, to be published by Princeton University Press.

In preparing this essay I have benefitted from the advice of many colleagues who corrected a number of errors of fact and emphasis. I have not always followed their advice, however, preferring as one friend put it, to "put my head above the parapet". So I must take full responsibility for errors and omissions here.

With thanks to: Aurelio Arranz, Alexander Barnett, Carl de Boor, David Bindel, Jean-Marc Blanc, Mike Bochev, Folkmar Bornemann, Richard Brent, Martin Campbell-Kelly, Sam Clark, Tim Davis, Iain Duff, Stan Eisenstat, Don Estep, Janice Giudice, Gene Golub, Nick Gould, Tim Gowers, Anne Greenbaum, Leslie Greengard, Martin Gutknecht, Raphael Hauser, Des Higham, Nick Higham, Ilse Ipsen, Arieh Iserles, David Kincaid, Louis Komzsik, David Knezevic, Dirk Laurie, Randy LeVeque, Bill Morton, John C Nash, Michael Overton, Yoshio Oyanagi, Beresford Parlett, Linda Petzold, Bill Phillips, Mike Powell, Alex Prideaux, Siegfried Rump, Thomas Schmelzer, Thomas Sonar, Hans Stetter, Gil Strang, Endre Süli, Defeng Sun, Mike Sussman, Daniel Szyld, Garry Tee, Dmitry Vasilyev, Andy Wathen, Margaret Wright and Steve Wright.

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