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A Bramble-Pasciak-like method with applications in optimization

Dollar, H. Sue and Gould, Nicholas I. M. and Stoll, Martin and Wathen, A. J. (2008) A Bramble-Pasciak-like method with applications in optimization. Technical Report. Unspecified. (Submitted)



Saddle-point systems arise in many applications areas, in fact in any situation where an extremum principle arises with constraints. The Stokes problem describing slow viscous flow of an incompressible fluid is a classic example coming from partial differential equations and in the area of Optimization such problems are ubiquitous.
In this manuscript we show how new approaches for the solution of saddle-point systems arising in Optimization can be derived from the Bramble-Pasciak Conjugate Gradient approach widely used in PDEs and more recent generalizations thereof. In particular we derive a class of new solution methods based on the use of Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients in non-standard inner products and demonstrate how these can be understood through more standard machinery. We show connections to Constraint Preconditioning and give the results of numerical computations on a number of standard Optimization test examples.

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